BOOK I. Grammar. Section i.1-3.

Brit.Lib MS Add. 15603 f.4r, (1175-1200)
(detail) Brit.Lib. MS Add.15603 fol.12r (1175-1200 AD)


(detail) Brit.Lib. Royal MS 6 C I fol.4r (Canterbury 4th qtr of the 11thC)



Augustine’s opinion of art was similar to Plato’s.

‘Ars’ meant more than the pictorial and plastic arts.

Ars Memoria – a virtuous memory.

Ars Moriendi – the good death.

Ars Dictamenis – the art of perfect letter-writing.

‘ars’ often implied what we mean today by ‘ideal  method’ or ‘optimum practice’.




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