Book 1.xix.1-11: de figuris accentuum (diacritics)

English translation of Isidore’s text in pdf [HERE]. Latin transcription website [HERE}. The latter contains errors.

I’ve saved this lovely manuscript (above, right) for especially difficult passages.  It is written in a lucid hand and the text is as well preserved as the manuscript.  The whole is digitised [HERE]

Useful Links.
  • Edward Maunde Thompson, An Introduction to Greek and Latin palaeography. pp.60-66.
  • A good, brief account of the ‘Gutenberg’ copy of Donatus’ Grammar now in the British Library [HERE].
  • Worth a bookmark – the University of Alberta’s course-notes for its Medieval Studies course in Paleography. [HERE].
  • Harvard’s web-page ‘How to read medieval writing (Paleography)’contains a handy short list of medieval punctuation marks, abbreviations and so on.
  • The ‘Medieval Writing’ site hasn’t much to say about punctuation, but has a fine bibliography [HERE]. See especially works by M.B. Parkes.
  • Easy and good:  Keith Houston’s ‘Shady Characters’ blog and book  (called The Book) have been received with enthusiasm by specialists as by the public. A neat, brief historical panorama is in his guest-post for the BBC. [HERE]

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