Bk 1.xx.2b-4 punctuation (cont.)

possibly our one authentic portrait of Isidore.  Over time images of Isidore show him ever-grander and, for the most part, ever more patriarchal

(detail) Bib.Municipale. de Valenciennes MS 399 (382) f.11r per BNF Gallica [HERE]



the ‘litteravisigothica’ blog.

Isidore lived at just the time when the Visigoths came to rule in Spain. He, with his brother Leander, was personally involved in converting the Visigoth rulers from Arian Christianity.  Manuscripts produced at that time, therefore, help clarify and illuminate Isidore’s comments on punctuation, scribal abbreviations and so forth (the matter in Book 1 sections xxii xxiv).  For the present excerpt see e.g. ‘Punctuation in Visigothic Manuscripts’ (litteravisigothica April 2013 ISSN 2386-6330). Fairly soon I’ll be re-blogging two more posts from litteravisigothica as commentary for  Isidore’s description of scribal- and of legal abbreviations.


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