Bk.1. xxiii – Roman legal shorthand

If you know of any sources supporting or denying Isidore’s description of Roman judicial reporting, do leave a comment.


If you need a full outline of Roman law, its development and later employment in Europe, Shawn Thomas Norris’ article for Linkedin  is probably just what you need – apart from its opening sentences.

A little more formal are the studies written by Simon Corcoran and   Benet Salway about the remnants of the Codex Gregorianus which, like the Codex Hermogenianus is described (by Corcoran among others) as a “collection of imperial rescripts compiled in the reign of Diocletian”.

  • Simon Corcoran, ‘The Gregorianus and Hermogenianus assembled and shattered’.  The paper be read online or downloaded as pdf. [HERE]


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