Bk 1.xxix 4-5 Etymology (conc.)

(detail) MS Cod.Sang 882 f.172v

“There are many foreign words unfamiliar to speakers of Latin and Greek”
Sinead O’Sullivan, commenting on the oldest gloss tradition in copies of Martianus Capella’s Marriage of Philology and Mercury, makes the interesting point that.
” Greek frequently served as a means to obscure, reflecting a wider medieval interest in obscurity. This interest helps to explain why, in sharp contrast to the largely critical post-medieval reception of his work, Martianus’s abstruse and difficult text found a particularly receptive audience among scholars of the ninth and early tenth centuries.”
I’ll add references to the paper and to related works in the next post: Bk 1.xxx. 1-2 de Glossis.
The Ornaments

Composite – image constructed from elements in Brit.Lib. MS Additional 42130 f.163v

band – (1) detail from Brit.Lib. MS Additional 42130 f.262v; (2) detail from Brit.Lib MS Add Add 42130 f.161r

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