Bk 1.xxxii 1-2a De barbarismo

(detail) Biblioteca Nacionale de Espana MS 10008 page 18.  (1001 to c.1100?AD)





  • Douglas Biow, The Culture of Cleanliness in Renaissance Italy. (2006)

  • Burke,  Hybrid Renaissance: Culture, Language, Architecture (2006)

See also:

  • Ann Moss,  Renaissance Truth and the Latin Language Turn (2003)
  • ‘The Ethics Controversy’ Chapter 8 in James Hankins, Humanism and Platonism in the Italian Renaissance, Volume 1, (2003) pp. 193-224.
  • Nancy G. Siraisi, History, Medicine, and the Traditions of Renaissance Learning (2007)
  • John James Dandelet, ‘Caesar in the Renaissance’ Chapter 8 in John Jeffries Martin (ed.), The Renaissance World (2015) esp. pp.308-310.
  • Roland G. Kent (ed.and trans.), Varro On The Latin Language, (2 vols) pdf.  Parallel Latin and English text. Varro had also written a tract called ‘De sermone latino’ and (as we saw earlier, here) Isidore seems to have identified, and been identified by Braulio with  Varro.

Kent describe’s Varro’s ‘de sermone Latino’ as:  ” in five books or more, addressed to Marcellus, which treats of orthography and the metres of poetry”. (p.ix) but I find no record of its ever being translated into English.

NOT recommended: the wiki article ‘Roman academies’ – section on the Renaissance period is remarkably ill-informed.

correction – detail in the portraits (of Valla etc.) corrected; new image uploaded (Sept.15th., 2017)


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