Bk 1 xxxiv 11-13 De vitiis (cont)

(details) Brit.Lib. MS Harley 3009 ff. 10v-11r


Comparing the ‘errors’ sections in works by late Roman and medieval grammarians can clarify questions about transmission.  Of the four grammarians constantly mentioned, (Priscian, Donatus, Bede and Isidore), Isidore is the fourth.


  • Elizabeth P. Archibald, William Brockliss, Jonathan Gnoza (eds.),  Learning Latin and Greek from Antiquity to the Present. (CUP., 2015)



The world catalogue lists an ebook copy of the first –


A direct comparison between Bede’s treatment of errors and Isidore’s is offered by Petrova.  I offer an excerpt (below) from her longer discussion.


Composite – white pen-drawing on blue: source not recorded.

band – (detail) Brit.Lib Add MS 42130 f80r




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